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Monday, March 15, 2010

Lance Armstrong annd Team Radioshack Race In South Africa's Argus

Lance Armstrong finished ninth in the Cape Argus cycling race around South Africa’s Cape peninsula today after helping a Team Radioshack mate Daryl Impey get a podium finish.
Lance Armstrong was part of a breakaway group and attacked near the end to set up a sprint for a fellow Team RadioShack rider, Daryl Impey. But a strong headwind slowed the attack and Impey ended up third, behind the winner Malcolm Lange of South Africa.
“What a cool ride/race,” Armstrong wrote on his Twitter feed. “Wind was howling out there.”
Lange won Africa’s biggest race for the third time, finishing the 109-kilometer course in 2hr 39min 55sec.
Lance Armstrong was taking part after helping raise funds for a charity organization in South Africa this week. About 35,000 riders competed.


Monday, March 01, 2010

New Jersey Junior mountain bike and cyclocross racing program

New Jersey now has a junior mountain bike development program thanks to Team Bulldog, a New Jersey based mountain biking team, in cooperation with its title sponsor Cycle Craft, today announced the launch of a junior mountain bike and cyclocross racing program for riders between the ages 10 and 19.
The goal of Team Bulldog's Under 19 ("U19") program is to develop the next generation of mountain bike and cyclocross racers in New Jersey.
Team Bulldog U19 is open to young men and women who have a desire to expand their skills, endurance and mental fortitude through mountain bike and cyclocross racing. "We hope to impart to these juniors our core beliefs in sportsmanship, dedication, and camaraderie, as well as success through hard work, having fun, and giving it your best," says Team President and Pro Mountain Bike Racer Brian Lariviere. "
With many western states already offering high-school mountain biking teams and leagues, we believe this a great time to introduce a competitive junior mountain biking and cyclocross program in the northeast. The response has been phenomenal. Despite the freezing temperatures we have already signed up eight juniors for our first season as a U19 squad," reflects U19 Team Manager and USA Cycling Certified Coach Tom Kruse. "The great thing about mountain biking is that it allows individuals to excel and achieve at their own level while participating in a group activity that encourages self reliance, hard work, and sportsmanship. At a mountain bike race nobody sits on the bench," notes Team Bulldog racer and Ages 15+ Team Coordinator Noah Meineke. Prior race experience is not required, but riders must commit to regular team rides beginning in the spring and enter at least four races per year. For further information about the team, please visit


Saturday, February 06, 2010

Jersey's that make a statement

When you are being passed by someone who is cruising along 30 mph faster than you it in a vehicle that weighs 2000 lbs you can feel a little outclassed. But we are not second class citizens and we have a right to be on the road and to be safe. These jerseys allow you to make a statement and send a gentle reminder to motorists that you have a right to be on the road and that they need to provide some room. For those deserving they even provide a Thank You.

Check out the full line of Jersey designs at


Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Preparing for the First Bike Race February 16, 2010

Kristen Dieffenbach of Mountains, Marathons and More, will be the presenter for this webinar geared to the cyclist heading out for his/her first bike race (ever). The webinar will go over some logistical and practical matters (like buying a racing license and not forgetting your helmet). The webinar will not focus on trainng. The webinar is free. Click to register. The webinar will be recorded and available through the USA Cycling website at a later date.


Thursday, December 17, 2009

Copenhagen Conference on Climate Change Introduces Smart Wheel for Bicycle

The clever folks at MIT have developed a smart wheel that could give bicycle riders a 21st century boost.

The new Copenhagen wheel

The new Copenhagen wheel

(Credit: Senseable City Lab)

Unveiled Tuesday at the Copenhagen Conference on Climate Change, MIT's new Copenhagen wheel is trying to do its part to help the environment by making bike riding easier and more enjoyable. (Easier Yes More Enjoyable that is subjective)

The wheel's battery can store energy as you step on the brakes and then return that power back to help you climb a hill or boost your speed. A sensor inside the hub measures your effort when you ride. As you pedal forward, the sensor tells the wheel's electric motor to give you a boost. When you hit the brakes, the motor regenerates, slowing you down and recharging the batteries. The goal behind this design is to encourage people to bike farther distances, relying less on gas-guzzling transportation.

The wheel can communicate with your i-phone so of course there is now another app for riding your bike.

For the Complete Article Click here


Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Lance Armstrong Demos his New Radio Shack Kit

Lance's Radio Shack Jersey - with Radio Shack,Trek Nike Swoosh, Nissan Logos Prominent as well as the Livestrong band on the left Sleeve.


Monday, November 30, 2009

Lance Armstrong Book Signing Today in Ridgewood NJ

Lance Armstrong - 7 time Tour de France winner, Cancer Survivor, and creator of The Lance Armstrong Foundation,
a nonprofit organization that assists cancer patients around the world with managing and surviving the disease. Will be at Bookends in Ridgewood NJ Signing copies of his recent book Comeback 2.0 Today November 30th at 7:00 PM
Bookends is Located at 232 E. Ridgewood Ave. Ridgewood NJ 07450 201-445-0726

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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

10th Annual Birthday Ride

Mountain Bike Group PhotoAbout ten years ago on my birthday my girlfriend at the time asked me what I wanted to do for my birthday. We had both purchased mountain bikes during the spring and had been riding through the summer and fall so I suggested we would do a mountain bike ride.

I had read some trail reviews and had heard good things about Mahlon Dickerson. Some technical sections good climbs, and great views.

We started our ride on a leaf covered rail bed then entered onto some singletrack and basically explored much of the 20 miles of trails. Winding up and down and around the reservation we discovered some technical sections that were challenging but rideable.

After a long climb we found a sign that stated we were at the
highest point in Morris county and later after a little hike a bike we were treated to an amazing view of multicolored trees as far as the eye could see at Headley Overlook. We made our way back to the lot at Weldon pond and looked for a place to eat.

Through a Serendipitous event we came upon the Thirsty Moose . A great place for a burger and a beer.
In the years that followed I found myself back at Mahlon on or around my Birthday.
If cyclists have one thing in common it is a sense of tradition and a little superstition. So after finding myself there by coincidence a few time I decided to make the ride a more formal event this year will mark the 10th year I will be riding at Mahlon Dickerson Reservation as a way to mark the passage of another year, take time to appreciate and enjoy time on the bike and spend time with friends.
Mahlon Dickerson Trail Map


Sunday, November 15, 2009

Amazing Bike Video

Not sure if I posted this before but this video of Danny MacAskill which was Filmed over 6 months in Edinburg bears repeating

Inspired. Danny MacAskill from dave on Vimeo.


Thursday, November 12, 2009

Hiker-Biker Relations Improving in New York and New Jersey

Hiker-Biker Relations Improving in New York and New Jersey
"I recently witnessed a historic moment when the Executive Director of the New York/New Jersey Trails Conference let the Jersey ORBA folks know that they are removing all anti-bike language from their bylaws and will be trying to develop some joint projects going forward," writes IMBA Mid-Atlantic Regional Director Frank Maguire.
"The relationship between mountain bikers and this influencial, historically hiking-focused organization got a major boost from a Subaru-IMBA Trail Care Crew visit a few years ago.
Great work by Jeff Mergler of JORBA, Michael Vitti of CLIMB and Art White of Ringwood Valley Mountain Bikers kept the relationship moving forward." All three of the mountain bike advocates named above now hold at-large delegate positions with the NY/NJ Trails Conference.


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Win a Ride with Lance and a Trek Bike

Clear2Go(TM) is giving one lucky winner the chance to win a bike ride with our partner, seven-time Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong! The prize includes a sweet TREK® bike and a 3-day, 2-night trip for two to Austin, TX where you'll have the chance to take a solo ride with Lance while your lucky guest unwinds!

Head to the Ride With Lance Sweepstakes page on Facebook ( to enter for a chance to win and learn how to secure your own Clear2Go(TM) water bottle with filter (Lance has one!).
You can earn extra entries into the sweepstakes by taking part in their Photo Flashes!


Monday, November 09, 2009

Jeff Lenosky - New World Disorder 8

Checkout this video footage of Jeff Lenosky as seen in New World Disorder 8


Friday, October 30, 2009

Online Bike Magazine

Thursday, October 22, 2009

A review of Race Across the Sky

Just got back from seeing Race across the Sky - Similiar to the feeling some might have after seeing a Rocky Film, people I spoke with wanted to hop on their bikes and ride out to Leadville. The film was awesome with it's images, soundtrack The drama of Leadville comes to life on the big screen. The panel with Lance, Dave Wiens, and Travis Brown after the movie brought you even closer to the race experience at Leadville.

If you missed it...Too Bad (Just Kidding) WHat you can do is call your theatre and ask them to show it again if enough people ask this movie can make it as a mainstream film. While it not be the sleeper of the year this is a great cycling movie that brings you into the action and emotion of this epic race.

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