10th Annual Birthday Ride

Mountain Bike Group PhotoAbout ten years ago on my birthday my girlfriend at the time asked me what I wanted to do for my birthday. We had both purchased mountain bikes during the spring and had been riding through the summer and fall so I suggested we would do a mountain bike ride.

I had read some trail reviews and had heard good things about Mahlon Dickerson. Some technical sections good climbs, and great views.

We started our ride on a leaf covered rail bed then entered onto some singletrack and basically explored much of the 20 miles of trails. Winding up and down and around the reservation we discovered some technical sections that were challenging but rideable.

After a long climb we found a sign that stated we were at the

highest point in Morris county and later after a little hike a bike we were treated to an amazing view of multicolored trees as far as the eye could see at Headley Overlook. We made our way back to the lot at Weldon pond and looked for a place to eat.

Through a Serendipitous event we came upon the Thirsty Moose . A great place for a burger and a beer.
In the years that followed I found myself back at Mahlon on or around my Birthday.
If cyclists have one thing in common it is a sense of tradition and a little superstition. So after finding myself there by coincidence a few time I decided to make the ride a more formal event this year will mark the 10th year I will be riding at Mahlon Dickerson Reservation as a way to mark the passage of another year, take time to appreciate and enjoy time on the bike and spend time with friends.

Mahlon Dickerson Trail Map

Get Outside and Enjoy the Ride

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