A message from Jeff Mergler – IMBA/Subaru Trail Care Crew visits

IMBA is coming back to NJ in October and will be doing 2 IMBA/Subaru Trail Care Crew visits to 2 of New Jersey’s favorite parks.
On October 11th and 12th, IMBA will visit Washington Valley Park (sometimes called Chimney Rock).
The following weekend (October 18th) IMBA will visit Sterling Forest/Ringwood State Park!
That’s 2 back to back IMBA/Subaru TCC weekends!
One of these should fit into your schedule.If you are interested in learning how to build sustainable trails, or hone your existing skills please consider attending these events.
The basic agenda for both weekends will be a 3 hour classroom session (9am) followed by lunch then applied field work in the afternoon (1pm until 4 or 5pm).
The classroom session is mandatory and its sure to be fun, interesting and eye-opening.
Don’t let another year pass without attending this training!
Pay Dirt: The field work sessions are valid for Pay Dirt hours!
For Ringwood that will be Saturday’s afternoon session, for WVP, that’s Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning’s session. Racer’s: you been asking for hours, here’s your chance.
Note: this event is open to all trail users, including cyclists, equestrians, trail runners and hikers.

RSVP required:
Each of these events requires an RSVP so please follow the instruction below for either park to do so. – WVP: please phone Christine Biskey at (908) 231-0802 ext. 24. Phone RSVPs only.

Ringwood: online RSVP here http://go.imba.com/ringwoodIf you require more information about either event, full details can be found here: – WVP: http://www.jorba.org/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=955
Ringwood: http://www.jorba.org/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=971
More about IMBA/Subaru TCCs: http://www.imba.com/tcc/trailschool.html

Happy trails!
Jeff Mergler
Executive Director

Get Outside and Enjoy the Ride

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