A review of Clif Quench

clif quench orange Flavor
This past Sunday I was doing a ride in NYC it was hot and humid and I had emptied my 4th water bottle and was looking for something to drink. The street vendors in Battery Park were selling Vitamin Waters for 4.00 a bottle. I was thirsty but not delirious so I decided to try my luck at a nearby deli.

Upon perusing the cold drink aisle a new drink from Clif caught my eye. (New to this East Coaster, it was released in March of 09) I figured what the heck I’m young and adventuresome, I’m in the Big City and I have 2 Bucks.

I tried the Orange flavor and while the 16 oz bottle (made of 40% Post Consumer recycles Plastic) got me through the next 12 miles. The taste left something to be desired actually it was pretty bad. This was Surprising because other Clif Products like their bars, shots, and blocks are tasty enough to be enjoyed even when you not on the bike. (Don’t even get me started on the Builder Bars they are just like having desert)

I don’t think I would ever reach for the Clif drink unless I was on a ride and really needed something to drink.

However, The drink did quench my thirst and gave me a boost of energy to finish the last leg of my ride strong.

I would like to try some other flavors like fruit punch or Lime-ade

Let me know if you have tried any of the Clif Quench flavors and if any were palatable enough to reach for as an everyday drink.

Get Outside and Enjoy the Ride

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  2. Anonymous says:

    I would have to agree with the large exception of taste. I have tried orange and fruit punch and quite like both flavors.

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