Another Ride at Ringwood on the New Trail

Last week we did another ride on the new trail at Ringwood this time after some rain. The rocks were sweaty and slippery but the Dirt was tacky and hooked up great. This trail is challenging but great fun. (You can read a previous review with GPS here) Here are some pictures from the ride and a few pics of the bridges section.

Foutunately we didn’t see any Snakes but this sign was a bit alarming. If you are out in the woods you are sharing the space with wildlife Snakes and Bears have been seen in Ringwood.

Doug and Ian at the end of the Bridges Trail before a Rocky Acent

Some Pictures from the Bridges Trail. This a fun section with a lot of twisty singletrack. The dirt was great and my tires hooked up great ,There are some rock drops the 1st and 3rd are the biggest the 2nd is not too bad especially if you stay to the right of the rock.

Of course there are some wooded bridges which is how the trail got its name

Get Outside and Enjoy the Ride

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