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Ringwood NJ Trail Maintenance – Sunday July 19th

We are half way there, let’s get out and make a big push. Paydirt hours need to be in by the end of the months, so all you racers better get out and get your hours done. We are continuing on the Crossover Trail (White Trail), meet us at the School at 9 or trail side anytime after. Bring gloves, sturdy shoes, water, and snacks. Tools will be provided. Heavy rain cancels.



Thank you
Ringwood Trail Crew

Pictures from yesterday’s ride at Ringwood

Temps finally above freezing today the ground was soft on top but frozen below made for a bit of a muddy ride but a day out on the bike is still a good day 🙂

Some Pictures from the Ride


Picture of the Lake Partially Frozen from the lookout on the Governors Trail


Carlos and Pete


Dan Bower

Ride GPS with Map my Ride


Ringwood Trail Maintenance – Last Dirty Thursday

This Thursday, 9/26 is going to be the last Thursday work day this year. Sections 1 & 2 are pretty much done and open, but Art wants to spend a few hours marking and fine tuning a few spots.

He will probably head in on bike from Lot C around 3 or 4, so feel free to meet him somewhere on the lower section. He could probably use a few extra hands.

Thanks to all the Thursday volunteers that came out this year!

Ringwood Singletrack – JORBA.org from VideoTrailReviews.Com on Vimeo.

A message from the Ringwood Trail Crew

There are ONLY, 2 more Dirty Thursdays left this year. Get out and give us an hour or 4 this Thursday or next. We started working on section 2 and we would like to get it done by September 1st. Meet at the school lot at 4 or trail side anytime after. Hope to see you there. Just in case you were wondering what we are working for, this is the reroutes and new trails starting from Weybly pond to the bottom near Defiance road. Start video at about 5 min mark.


Thank you

Ringwood Trail Crew

Pictures From Ringwood

Get Outside and Enjoy the Ride

Ringwood State Park Skylands Trail and Red Trail Photo Album

Photo Album from ride at Ringwood State Park – Skylands Trail and Red Trail
We got to the Skylands trail in a round about way starting with a long fireroad climb out of lot c we crossed past the red trail continued on the fireroad hit some drops then onto the race course up the switchback that brought us to the trailhead for the Skylands
Click to view album

Get Outside and Enjoy the Ride

Fall 2010 Ride at Ringwood State Park

The trees are almost completely bare, a canopy of leaves cover the trail sometimes hiding the obvious or common line.
The air is filled with the scent of leaves that have already started to decompose and the crisp chill in the air makes it hard to breath until we warm up on a section immediately to the right of Shepard’s Lake (This is the end of the race course figure 8 loop).
The trail is rocky but there is a smooth line through most sections.

We ride across the fire road and continue on the race course. There has been some recent trail work here mostly in the form of reroutes which will allow for some of the over ridden, eroded sections to recover.

These re-routes wind there way through the trail. As we climb up there is a large fallen tree that has become a skinny riding feature there are a few bailouts. My last attempt had me doing a nose dive straight off the top.
We cross the pipeline and here is were we will leave the race course.
We turn right onto the Skyland’s trail. This trail was created a few years back. It is a gradual climb with lots of turns, rocks, a few skinnies, and a wall ride thrown in for good measure. This section has some technical challenges but is a fun addition to what Ringwood has to offer. The Skylands trail runs into the Red trail which is a bit more rolling. This section is comprised of rock skinnies, drops, and steep rollers. At the end of the Red trail (at least this section of it) We head onto the schoolhouse trail The start is a tight technical trail reminiscent of Jungle Habitat after a little while the trail heads up. We climb up switch backs to the top of the trail then drop into the bridges trail.
The bridges trail is named as such because there are about 3 or 4 wooden bridges each about a foot in width. In addition to the bridges you will encounter three rock drops. The 1st and 3rd are the biggest the 2nd rock drop is fairly easy. Riders can use this drop to progress their skill.
The left side of the rock has a smaller drop with the height progressing as you move towards center. After the bridges trail we make our way up a steep loose climb that has my legs and lungs burning. We are making our way to the new Red trail section which is a long climb of switchbacks, off-camber sections, and some rock features. Leading to the switchbacks riders will need to pass through some rock gardens and a rock overpass. Going up is difficult coming down is a lot of fun (See video for a sample of this trail). From here we made our way back passing Lot C and making our way back to Shepard’s lake on the road. As it turned out we still had a little riding left to do after we passed the manor we jumped on the White crossover trail and which put us on the race course and was our final ride out.



Get Outside and Enjoy the Ride

Miles of New MTB Trails found in New Jersey

View from the TopThere is a New Place to ride in New Jersey with a mix of Twisty Climbs, Sweet Flowing downhills, lots of singletrack. Where is this Mountain Biking Paradise you might ask. Well it is in a spot familiar to most Mountain Bikers in NJ. Ringwood State Park. Due to the efforts of Art and Ellen White, The RVCC, and Jorba along with Landowners the group was able to add a section of singletrack starting right in the middle of the race course switchbacks. Today was my 1st time riding these newly cut trails but I am stoked. The new trails have much in common with some of the best features from other MTB Locales. For example there are alternate routes that run along the singletrack. These Provide some drops and other technical features similar to Blue Mountain. The Single track is twisty and makes good use of the space this was reminiscent of Jungle Habitat. There are some sections with offshoots to other trails reminding me of Kittatiney, and of course there are rock gardens which is a hallmark of the Skyline, Ringwood, Waywayanda trails. I have heard that the intent is to connect these trails with the Cannonball Trail off of Skyline (Which was reworked last year) This would create a trail network that would provide riders with some epic rides of 3-5 hours. We were out for almost 3 hours connecting the new trail with the “Secret” and Sections of the Red and Blue.
Below is a GPS Listing of the Ride and Some video of Stefan Koncz

Get Outside and Enjoy the Ride

NJ to become a Mountain Bike Mecca

The trails at Ringwood State Park continue to get better and better.
Last year was the new trail. A section that bypassed a switchback downhill and replaced it with a winding, flowing, rolling, and exhilarating stretch of trail that highlighted how good Mountain biking in NJ can be.

Well this Year Art White and the Rembrandt’s of rock have stepped up their game creating a re-route of a once hikers only trail named “Warm Puppy Rock” by Ringwood Locals.

This trail contains a number of rock features and is somewhat technical. But what Impressed me was how well they were able to utilize and integrate the natural trail lines and rock to create a unique riding experience. (Of note are a rock wall ride and downhill rock spine.)

Jeff Mergler Executive Director of the Jersey Off-Road Bicycle Association (JORBA) had this to say about this latest trail creation.
“Its truly amazing work and even the people within JORBA (me included) are patting them on the back for the scale of it. Coincidentally, NYNJTC folks have even taken notice and let Art know how nice it came out.”

Get Outside and Enjoy the Ride

Another Ride at Ringwood on the New Trail

Last week we did another ride on the new trail at Ringwood this time after some rain. The rocks were sweaty and slippery but the Dirt was tacky and hooked up great. This trail is challenging but great fun. (You can read a previous review with GPS here) Here are some pictures from the ride and a few pics of the bridges section.

Foutunately we didn’t see any Snakes but this sign was a bit alarming. If you are out in the woods you are sharing the space with wildlife Snakes and Bears have been seen in Ringwood.

Doug and Ian at the end of the Bridges Trail before a Rocky Acent

Some Pictures from the Bridges Trail. This a fun section with a lot of twisty singletrack. The dirt was great and my tires hooked up great ,There are some rock drops the 1st and 3rd are the biggest the 2nd is not too bad especially if you stay to the right of the rock.

Of course there are some wooded bridges which is how the trail got its name

Get Outside and Enjoy the Ride