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My Time with CTS

I originally started training with CTS in the summer 2002 While recovering from a broken collar bone during the time of the tour I had seen an Internet advertisement for CTS (I didn’t have OLN back then so went to the web for my daily dose) I decided that it would be a good way to get my training back on track, and salvage the remainder of the season.
(I was racing sport)
The training began with a field test to determine my fitness level, set a base line, and determine Heart rates for the various rides and intervals that make up the workouts. My 1st few weeks were primarily base miles with some tempo rides and a little bit of steady state. I went to Mt. Snow in August feeling pretty good and took 12th place I continued to progress thru the remainder of the year and the last race of the NJSCS season I took 1st. This left me pretty motivated and I trained diligently throughout the winter. During this time my coach had been promoted so I was assigned a new coach he was later promoted and again I was assigned a new coach It was at this time that I upgraded my coaching level and locked in with Coach Darcie. We finished out the 2003 season with a few back to back podium finishes and decided that the following year I would move up to expert a raced expert during 2004-2005 and part of 2006 but limited training time and waining motivation helped me to make the decision to downgrade to sport in the middle of 2006. 2007 was a great season marked with a few top 5 finishes and only one finish below a top 10.

The training with CTS is not easy the field test alone are pretty rough you ride all out for 3 miles for approx. 7 min at about 200 watts then after a 10 min break you do it again.
Looking at ride volume in time as opposed to miles was different for me as well. The 1st week of training I logged about 12 hours of Endurance miles and rides that I would normally do on the weekend because they were 40 miles or so became part of my daily training rides that were between 2-3 hours. I spent more time than I can remember riding the same hills over and over, the same stretches again and again. However it was mostly fun because although it was the same terrain the workouts would vary. A hill that you spin up can be quite different when performing Muscle tension intervals. During the time that I rode competitively my body changed quite a bit most notably my Weight I went from a high 168 to a low before Nationals of 135 with an average weight of 148. At 168 my workouts were with weights and incorporated very little aerobic activity. Food was focused around limiting fats and getting enough protein. With CTS I still did some weight training (more during the winter months) but mostly aerobic conditioning. Nutrition focusing more on Carbs and replenishing Glycogen stores (Ah the glycogen window bring on the milano cookies). I would recommend Chris Carmichael’s book Food for Fitness.
Training with Darcie and CTS definitely improved my fitness, my knowledge of how to train,
and my enjoyment of cycling I have and will continue to recommend CTS for individuals looking to step up their training and become a better athlete.
Get Outside and Enjoy the Ride

I have had it!!!

Last week I got back on the bike, Which is to say I rode more than 1 day during the week and am trying to get back into a training regimen. I rode back-to-back days, I went to the Gym, I am trying to eat better. I am not racing this year so why train? That is simple – The better my fitness level the more fun I can have. It is no fun getting dropped especially by those who you dropped last year or getting to the top of a climb gasping for breath (breathing really heavy is fine needing to stop to decide if you can go on without loosing your lunch is not). I now appreciate the fitness I took for granted last year. I think one of the great things about the bike is that it becomes an extension of our physical selves which allows us to do things we could not without it. i.e. I cannot run 30 mph but I can pedal that fast. This gets lost on those who are passed by old men with walking sticks on the trail. I do not want to be the one who abandons his ride and walks up the climb head down cursing and breathing heavy I need to be the one who gets to the top of the climb 1st or at least have it in me to make an effort to do so. So I will train hard, eat better, and get better sleep all the while keeping in mind that the fitness I will try hard to attain can be wiped out in a few weeks.
Get Outside and Enjoy the Ride

Getting Ready for Winter Riding….The Ride Inside Part II

Getting Ready for Winter Riding….The Ride Inside Part II

Let’s face it if you live in the Northeast you have few riding options either endure some nasty weather(Snow, Wind, Sleet, Cold Rain) or ride inside.
Sure every once in a while the cycling gods smile upon us giving is a sunny, calm day above 40 degress, but a regular ride schedule cannot be planned based on this and fitness will suffer.
Even if you are hearty enough to brave the elements on most days there are going to be times that you may not be able to get out for a ride especially because the days are shorter.
I personally do not mind spinning inside (or as it tends to be for me active movie watching) I have done 4 hour sessions watching some epic movies, series, or Other Movies plus their sequals. Sometimes I will watch a movie and then do a CTS training video. I also find that doing a structured workout makes the time go faster. This is also a great time to work on pedaling efficiency and mechanics

Having a good space to ride is helpful as well. Although my space is not great it serves it’s purpose and takes up only about 12 Square feet.

I try to have everything right where I need it I am a horrible Procrastinator and don’t need any reason to put off getting on the bike. I also keep a list of Heart Rate ranges handy.

My Television is small it only has a 12″ screen but It’s bigger than the screen on my ipod
I have a small fan right in front of the bike to help keep me cool.

I also have a picture of Lance on my wall riding in the tour during some very nasty weather to remind me that I should get outside a little more often, lest my bike handling skills will go to pot but that is another article.

Short List of Movies
Iron Will
Breaking Away
Most Tour Videos – Any climbing stage will Do
Band of Brothers
Start Wars (All of them)
Die Hard

Get Outside and Enjoy the Ride


A good Start: Base miles are something that you hear everyone serious about training talk about (“You have to have a good base that we determine the quality of the rest of your season“)
Base Miles are the equivelent of what runners call LSD (Long Slow Distance)
On the bike this can be some of the most enjoyable riding you do – This past weekend was the ideal day to get some much awaited time on in the saddle outside (see the ride inside)
The weather was perfect sunny and warm with just a slight wind. I picked a friend that I knew would hang for the ride (a good mechanic as well so if something went wrong far from home McGuiver would get us rolling again – foutunately a bad link was found in my chain prior to ride we were able to swap that out with a sram link and I only got a flat on the road)
Our ride was a total of 82 miles thru New Jersey and New Your with 2 considerable climbs (Skyline drive and Peter Hill) The pace was (in the words of Borat) “A Very Nice”
We rode past lakes and streams reseviors and Dams on mostly low traffic roads
A little State highway section between 17a and 17 Junction
Defininetly a good ride to get some base miles or a climbing workout if you want to push the pace a bit you could also cross back over skyline drive again by getting of off 17a at Sloatsburg to add some additional climbing and miles

GPS Link:

Get Outside and Enjoy the Ride

Don’t let the weather stop your from getting in a Training ride

The Ride Inside:
Sunday I needed to get in some base miles So I was Planning on a 4 hour Ride on the road however at 8:00 AM it was 32 Outside.
So I decided to Ride on the trainer indoors – Armed with my 2003 Tour DVD’s, a Gallon of Water, a Cliff Bar, and 2 Honeystinger Gels I started my ride.
I had a bit of a structured workout scheduled for the 1st hour I would ride at the high end of my aerobic zone with 2 Fast Pedal Intervals of 2 min Each. The 2nd Hour would be a Tempo of 30 Minutes. 3rd Hour I would do some SS and Time trials. 4th Hour was back to High end Aerobic Ride with Another Fast Pedal and a cool Down.
This helped to Break up the monotony of riding inside.
2003 was a very good tour the early stages had some spectacular crashes Tyler Hamilton Broke his Collar Bone and Continued to Ride and one rider from Euskatel Managed to Hop his bike over 2 downed riders and stay upright (That was more impressive Bike Handling to me than Lance veering off the road into an open Field (to Avoid Joseba Beloki when he Crashed an Broke his hip)then Run Across the Field Jump over a drainage ditch and get back ino the race (Wait that was pretty cool) The Early Mountain stages had Alpe d’Huez and Constant attacks on Lance. My ride Finished at the end of Stage 7 DVD 2 in the Extended Coverage.
The Ride was long but not too bad.
The Bottom Line: If you have to ride inside (or it seems more resonable to ride inside) have some stuff to eat and drink on hand, a varied workout, and something interesting and/or motivational to watch and the hours will go by quickly.

Get Outside and Enjoy the Ride