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Rays Indoor MTB Park Road Trip 2013 – YouTube

Rays Indoor MTB Park Road Trip 2013 – YouTube.

On March 22nd Sean Champignon and I set off on a Road Trip to Cleveland Ohio

Our destination Rays Indoor MTB Park.

Although my trip ended me up in the hospital the days riding was by far

one of the coolest riding experiences I have ever had.


Snowed in

Living in the Northeast these days is rough. Snow storms have pummelled the area for Seven straight weeks in a row. For cyclist riding on the trails at at Stewart Airport Buffer Zone have to contend with snow mobiles and cross country skiers. By trails I mean snow covered fire roads and paved roads, single track is pretty much out of the question.
So what’s a cyclist to do? hmmm…..
Here are some videos to watch while you think about it.

Bike videos are like porn in that you don’t watch them for plot or story lines. You watch them to see people getting busy doing what they do best.
You watch it to see some lust worthy locations and hot riding.
The beginning of this video is trifiling so in the vain of Mr. Skin Skip to 02:15 to get down to business.
More Mountain Biking Videos
Kirt Voreis is such a nice guy (I would of lost my patience with this kid after the 1st 10 bailed attemps)

A Little Help from Some Friends – More Mountain Bike Videos

Matt Beringers House is cooler than yours – Video
Done Thinking….

Here is the top ten list of things to do when you can’t ride outside
10. Ride on the Rollers
9. Ride the Trainer
8. Take a Spin Class
7. Go Skiing or Snow Boarding
6. Go to Rays Indoor Mountain Bike Park
5. Take a trip to a warmer climate and hit the trails there
4. Buy a new bike for when the weather gets warmer
3. Ride around in circles or practice track stands
2. Get a Snow Bike
1. Sit around, watch Movies, Drink Beer
Get Outside and Enjoy the Ride

Amazing Bike Video

Not sure if I posted this before but this video of Danny MacAskill which was Filmed over 6 months in Edinburg bears repeating

Inspired. Danny MacAskill from dave on Vimeo.

Get Outside and Enjoy the Ride

Jeff Lenosky – New World Disorder 8

Checkout this video footage of Jeff Lenosky as seen in New World Disorder 8

Get Outside and Enjoy the Ride

Independence Day Ride – Free from Cars

This year was the 400th Anniversary of the Exploration of the Hudson River.
In honor of this the 2009 Macy’s fireworks show featured more than 40,000 shells exploding at a rate of more than 1,500 per minute (that’s eight times more high-level fireworks than last year’s show). The fireworks were set off from six barges positioned between 24th and 50th Streets on the Hudson River.
We rode our bikes along the river path in Edgewater to City Place then once the roads were closed hauled down to Weehawken (River road is a great place to ride when there aren’t any cars) We found a great spot to view the fireworks from. The video below captures some of the highlights including the grand Finale. Enjoy

Get Outside and Enjoy the Ride

US Open of Mountain Biking at Diablo Freeride Park in New Jersey

The US Open of Mountain Biking will take place May 22-24 at Diablo Freeride park in Vernon New Jersey.

The Event has grown over the years and they are expecting between 500-600 riders from the US and around the globe.

What attracts so many riders? A well run event, a great course, and the 5,000 cash Prize for 1st place in the Downhill discipline and 2,000 for the GS doesn’t hurt either.

2003 was the first year of the Open. Back then there was a Cross Country discipline (This was dropped from the lineup after the first year) and the the Downhill Purse was $1,000.

The best part of the prizes during that event were the hand carved wooden trophies.

This year promises to be a great event Below is a video interview with pro downhiller George Ryan that came from the Star Ledger

Mountain bike practice at Diablo Freeride Park

Checkout some race footage from 2008

Get Outside and Enjoy the Ride

The Red Bull Season Opener at Rays Indoor Mountain Bike Park

2 Great rides that go great together

In previous articles we posted video from Ray’s Indoor Mountain Bike Park in Ohio and video from the Red Bull Rampage near Virgin, Utah.
Like a Reeses Peanut Butter Cup The Red Bull and Rays Indoor Mountain Bike Park are two great rides that go great together.

Get Outside and Enjoy the Ride Cycling online

Ever wonder how Europe started kicking our ass in Mountain Biking? Watch Decending the Alps

Follow Euro-cycling’s Classics as well as the bigger Tours:
This weekend try them out for Milan-San Remo.

Get Outside and Enjoy the Ride

Jeff Lenosky at The 2008 Jorba Mountain Bike Festival

Finally I got around to piecing together some video of Jeff from the 2008 JORBA Mountain Bike Festival that took place at Stephens State Park in New Jersey this past September. Jeff is an icon in the world of professional mountain biking and has built a reputation as one of the best riders in the world. Jeff is the current world record holder for the bunnyhop at 45.5 inches and has won a NORBA National Championship Medal every year since turning Pro in 1993.


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Article about Jeff Lenosky from Mountain Bike Magazine:

Get Outside and Enjoy the Ride

Mountain Biking Videos

made you clickOver the past few years we have collected a bit of video from rides at Ringwood, Allaire, Hartshorne, and Diablo
Here are some video links:
Ringwood State Park
Getting Some Air at Allaire
Mountain Biking at Allaire 2009
NJMBC at Allaire (Webcam Video from Jake)
Diablo Freeride Park
Mountain Biker doing a 5 foot drop

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A Blast from the past (Before me)
Moab-95-Part I
Moab-95 Part II

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