Cross Training for Cyclists – Intro

Cross Training for Cyclists

Cross Country Skiing,
Weight Training,
Martial Arts

Fitness experts have long touted the benefits of Cross training. For cyclists the winter (off season) is a great time to incorporate
non-cycling specific activities into their training regime.

While the physiological benefits of cross training such as reduced risk of Injury and Improved total fitness are well known.
The psychological benefits should not be overlooked. If you have every spent mind numbing hours on a trainer or rollers you know what I mean.
Also with new activities come new challenges and a better awareness of your body as you access it to perform new movements and engage muscles previously neglected.
Targeted training, especially intervals designed to improve pedal mechanics and form (such as fast pedals and one-legged pedaling) can produce significant benefits. Spending hours on the trainer will have diminishing returns and most likely wear you out mentally.
A change of scenery and “routine” can do wonders for your psyche.
After a while of mixing it up rather than grinding away indoors on the trainer.
You will find yourself ready for the new season more motivated and excited to be back on the bike than if you did not cross train.

In this series we will look at some common and not so common cross training activities that will have you rejuvenated in both mind and body.
Who knows you may even find a new favorite activity.

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