Fall 2010 Ride at Ringwood State Park

The trees are almost completely bare, a canopy of leaves cover the trail sometimes hiding the obvious or common line.
The air is filled with the scent of leaves that have already started to decompose and the crisp chill in the air makes it hard to breath until we warm up on a section immediately to the right of Shepard’s Lake (This is the end of the race course figure 8 loop).
The trail is rocky but there is a smooth line through most sections.

We ride across the fire road and continue on the race course. There has been some recent trail work here mostly in the form of reroutes which will allow for some of the over ridden, eroded sections to recover.

These re-routes wind there way through the trail. As we climb up there is a large fallen tree that has become a skinny riding feature there are a few bailouts. My last attempt had me doing a nose dive straight off the top.
We cross the pipeline and here is were we will leave the race course.
We turn right onto the Skyland’s trail. This trail was created a few years back. It is a gradual climb with lots of turns, rocks, a few skinnies, and a wall ride thrown in for good measure. This section has some technical challenges but is a fun addition to what Ringwood has to offer. The Skylands trail runs into the Red trail which is a bit more rolling. This section is comprised of rock skinnies, drops, and steep rollers. At the end of the Red trail (at least this section of it) We head onto the schoolhouse trail The start is a tight technical trail reminiscent of Jungle Habitat after a little while the trail heads up. We climb up switch backs to the top of the trail then drop into the bridges trail.
The bridges trail is named as such because there are about 3 or 4 wooden bridges each about a foot in width. In addition to the bridges you will encounter three rock drops. The 1st and 3rd are the biggest the 2nd rock drop is fairly easy. Riders can use this drop to progress their skill.
The left side of the rock has a smaller drop with the height progressing as you move towards center. After the bridges trail we make our way up a steep loose climb that has my legs and lungs burning. We are making our way to the new Red trail section which is a long climb of switchbacks, off-camber sections, and some rock features. Leading to the switchbacks riders will need to pass through some rock gardens and a rock overpass. Going up is difficult coming down is a lot of fun (See video for a sample of this trail). From here we made our way back passing Lot C and making our way back to Shepard’s lake on the road. As it turned out we still had a little riding left to do after we passed the manor we jumped on the White crossover trail and which put us on the race course and was our final ride out.



Get Outside and Enjoy the Ride

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