Miles of New MTB Trails found in New Jersey

View from the TopThere is a New Place to ride in New Jersey with a mix of Twisty Climbs, Sweet Flowing downhills, lots of singletrack. Where is this Mountain Biking Paradise you might ask. Well it is in a spot familiar to most Mountain Bikers in NJ. Ringwood State Park. Due to the efforts of Art and Ellen White, The RVCC, and Jorba along with Landowners the group was able to add a section of singletrack starting right in the middle of the race course switchbacks. Today was my 1st time riding these newly cut trails but I am stoked. The new trails have much in common with some of the best features from other MTB Locales. For example there are alternate routes that run along the singletrack. These Provide some drops and other technical features similar to Blue Mountain. The Single track is twisty and makes good use of the space this was reminiscent of Jungle Habitat. There are some sections with offshoots to other trails reminding me of Kittatiney, and of course there are rock gardens which is a hallmark of the Skyline, Ringwood, Waywayanda trails. I have heard that the intent is to connect these trails with the Cannonball Trail off of Skyline (Which was reworked last year) This would create a trail network that would provide riders with some epic rides of 3-5 hours. We were out for almost 3 hours connecting the new trail with the “Secret” and Sections of the Red and Blue.
Below is a GPS Listing of the Ride and Some video of Stefan Koncz

Get Outside and Enjoy the Ride

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Glad you like the new stuff Michael. We still have some more work to finish that section. We will be working on Sunday Sept. 28th to put some finishing touches on it, and connect through to the race trail at the pipeline.

    The final piece of trail that will connect the two new pieces together will be built on October 18 as part of the IMBA Trail Crew Seminar. The classroom session will be held at The Sterling Forest Visitor Center, and will be followed by a trail building session at Ringwood.

    One note: The South section and the piece that will be built in October are to be part of the Ringwood-Ramapo Trail, which is being designated as “dual use” for hiking and mountain biking. It actually was built in cooperation with the Ny-Nj Trail conference as a re-route of the portion of that trail that is currently on the fire road. We should keep this in mind when riding there, as we will be sharing the trail with hikers, and should be mindful of their needs as well.


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