Recreational Ride – Pines Lake Drive Loop in Wayne NJ

IMG_0789If you have been on Valley Road in Wayne NJ, cycling is probably not one of the 1st things that come to mind with speeding cars, wild deer turkeys and geese it can be a bit daunting.
But North of Hamburg turnpike a bike lane has been added. This makes the ride from Valley to Berdan (which has a wide shoulder) manageable.
If you want to cut out the traffic altogether you can park on Indian Road near the Playground by Tower road. Then about 3 blocks down on your left  you will see  Pines Lake Drive E.
Here you will  find quiet, rolling, tree-lined streets where runners and cyclist outnumber the cars. To your right the lake is almost always visible and all around are beautifully landscaped homes.
The Actual Loop around the Lake is only about 5k which makes it a favorite spot for runners. The rolling terrain can make banging out a few laps during lunchtime or after work a great option when you only have time for a quick workout. I highly recommend checking out this little loop of quiet quaintness your next time in the area.

Some spots of Note:
Van Riper-Hopper Historic House Museum – 533 Berdan Avenue
Greenberry’s Coffee – 239 Berdan Ave


Pines LakePines Lake Drive Waterfall