Ramapo Mountains County Park Management Plan – We need your Voice to be Heard

Have a look at the links below and see if you can comment or attend the meeting.
Pay particular attention to “Alternative C.” There is a place on the site to leave comments (only takes a few minutes), and the meeting is this Thursday evening
Public Open House October 17, 2013 5:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.
Township of Mahwah Administration Building – Senior Activity Center
475 Corporate Drive
Mahwah, NJ 07430

I would encourage you all to post this on social media, and get it in the hands of your customers. It’s a great opportunity to expand MTB access, and make very import trail connections to neighborhoods in NJ that would open new doors for recreation and for your businesses. It has the potential to add to one of the best, most comprehensive future MTB networks in the country. Not to mention the proximity of these trails to the largest Metropolitan Cities in the wold.

Your voice as local business owners needs to be heard! We know this is working in other parts of the US – it’s time to make it work for us here, for the sport we love – and yes, for our mountain bike business. If they can get it done in remote places like Kingdom Trails, Grand Junction, State College, etc….the only thing we are lacking here is participation and some creative marketing. Please consider helping out so we can further the cause, preserve future access, and help create one of the coolest, historically significant, sustainable mountain bike trail systems in the US. Here are the links.

Meeting Information:


Ramapo Mountains County Park Management Plan Newsletter with plan and Draft Alternatives:


Between all of us – I am confident that we can probably reach 90% of the North Jersey MTB community. I hope all is well with everyone and best of luck with the fall season.

Thank you
Ringwood Trail Crew

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