Rising From the Ashes a Review

Rising from the Ashes the MovieI was invited to go to a screening of Rising from the Ashes. I had no idea what to expect was it going to be a boring documentary. Was it going to be a bunch of raw footage strewn together. Was it going to be.. worth the effort.

After viewing the film and having an opportunity to speak with the two of the producers. (Peb Jackson and Dan Cooper) I can say this – See this film! Even if you are not a cyclist. The story will move, you it will educate you, it will lift your spirit and leave you feeling grateful for all that you have.

The story follows Jock Boyer (The first american to compete in the Tour de France) and a group of riders from Rwanda who through the help of Jock, and each other go from riders with raw talent and diverse backgrounds to a professional cycling team and family. The story culminates with rider Adrien Niyonshuti’s 2012 Olympic finish.

Rising from the Ashes touches on Rwanda’s past and the genocide that took place. Some have criticized that it does not give justice to the history and merely glosses over the death of millions. But this is not a story about death and tragedy of the past. It is about the hope and triumph of the future. The riders and their coach all have tragedy in their past and we learn about their personal struggles.
Through the film you get to know the characters. You will grow to like them, and cheer for them. You will laugh with them and you will be saddened even cry with them. I know this because I experienced first hand throughout the film it was going on all around and within me.

Rising from the ashes Opens in Boston at the Landmark Kendall Square in Boston on August 16th
In Atlanta August 23rd at the Landmark Midtown Art
In Port Orchard, WA at the Dragonfly Cinema on September 7th

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