Snowed in

Living in the Northeast these days is rough. Snow storms have pummelled the area for Seven straight weeks in a row. For cyclist riding on the trails at at Stewart Airport Buffer Zone have to contend with snow mobiles and cross country skiers. By trails I mean snow covered fire roads and paved roads, single track is pretty much out of the question.
So what’s a cyclist to do? hmmm…..
Here are some videos to watch while you think about it.

Bike videos are like porn in that you don’t watch them for plot or story lines. You watch them to see people getting busy doing what they do best.
You watch it to see some lust worthy locations and hot riding.
The beginning of this video is trifiling so in the vain of Mr. Skin Skip to 02:15 to get down to business.
More Mountain Biking Videos
Kirt Voreis is such a nice guy (I would of lost my patience with this kid after the 1st 10 bailed attemps)

A Little Help from Some Friends – More Mountain Bike Videos

Matt Beringers House is cooler than yours – Video
Done Thinking….

Here is the top ten list of things to do when you can’t ride outside
10. Ride on the Rollers
9. Ride the Trainer
8. Take a Spin Class
7. Go Skiing or Snow Boarding
6. Go to Rays Indoor Mountain Bike Park
5. Take a trip to a warmer climate and hit the trails there
4. Buy a new bike for when the weather gets warmer
3. Ride around in circles or practice track stands
2. Get a Snow Bike
1. Sit around, watch Movies, Drink Beer
Get Outside and Enjoy the Ride

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