Ten reasons why Mountain Biking is better than Road Cycling

Ten reasons why Mountain Biking is better than Road Cycling

President Bush Gives a Thumbs Up for Mountain Biking

  1. The Elements: On the trail during the winter you are out of the wind and during the summer you are out of the direct sun. On the road you are out in the open and exposed to the elements.
  2. The Terrain: Flowing trails are more fun then rolling roads. The flow of a trail is more dynamic than the road. You can pump it (depressions, logs, rocks and turns) for extra speed. You are constantly reading and working with the trail it is as much a part of your ride as the bike and your body.
  3. Getting air: Landing on the backside of a tabletop or double or jumping over a gnarly rock garden section is more of a rush then bunny hopping some railroad tracks or a pothole.
  4. Less pretentious: On the trail it doesn’t matter what color socks you have and it’s okay to have a triple ring or just one gear as long as you ride. If you have jeans with duct tape wrapped around the bottom so they don’t get caught on your chain ring but want to ride no one is going to comment on your attire.
  5. After ride grub: A burger and a beer vs. a latte and Croissant (you be the judge)
  6. The Learning Curve: On the trail you get your skills together and have more fun and get less bumps and scrapes. On the road you learn how to ride in a pace line so you don’t get heat from the other riders.
  7. The typical scenery: Ride on the trail to get some fresh air and commune with nature. Ride on the road to breathe exhaust fumes and compete with cars for a patch of the road.
  8. The Workout: While both forms of cycling provide a great way to get exercise. I think mountain biking provides more of a total body workout that stresses your legs, upper-body and core.
  9. The challenge: Road biking can toss some pretty steep and long climbs at you. These can burn you legs and lungs but when was the last time you were concerned about loosing traction on a road climb. Mountain biking has similar climbs but with obstacles, switchbacks, mud, rocks, and sand.
  10. The Fun Factor:Messing around in the lot before or after a ride is one of the bonuses of mountain biking. Tooling around on you bike hopping curbs, doing wheelies, or whatever floats your boat can be a blast. In my early days of mountain bike riding my friends and I would spend many an hour practicing wheelies and “bunny hopping” in the parking lot after our ride.
    Robbie McEwen Pulling a WheelieWith the exception of Robbie McEwen, I don’t think too many roadies are pulling wheelies at the end of their rides.
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    I think you pretty much nailed it. Great list!

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