Ten reasons why Road Cycling is better than Mountain Biking

Lance Armstrong Riding His Bike with Floyd Landis The other day I wrote about why Mountain Biking is better than road cycling . To be fair I decided to list some reasons I can enjoy the Road over Mountain Biking. In reality I do not care where or what I am riding (Beach Cruiser on a Bike path = 🙂 Just as long as I get to ride.

  1. The Elements: Ride on the road and avoid ticks and run-ins with bears.
  2. The Terrain: A long stretch of newly paved road can be sublime.
  3. Getting air: What goes up must come down. Keeping both wheels on the ground helps to keep you in one piece.
  4. Centuries and Charity rides: Well organized events with after ride parties and BBQ’s. The Livestrong 100 in PA is my local century pick.
  5. The Grub: There are no Starbucks on the trail for a mid-ride coffee break.
  6. The Learning Curve: If you can balance on two wheels you can ride on the road.
  7. The Scenery: Ride through Manhattan at 6:00 AM on a Sunday, over the Brooklyn Bridge, or through Central Park on a warm day and experience the city in a unique way that is reserved for cyclists.
  8. The Workout: Pedal between 80-100 rpm keeping your heart rate at about 60-80% of your max hr. and experience one of the best low impact aerobic activities around. (IMHO)
  9. The Challenge: Ride up a winding steep climb for a ½ hour then down the other side at breakneck speeds on thin slick tires.
  10. The Fun Factor: No long car rides to the trail. Walk out your door and hop on your bike. Instant gratification.
Get Outside and Enjoy the Ride

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