The Art in Riding a Bike

The artistic Cyclist

The art in riding a bike. Indeed you say (with snobby up-turned nose). Riding a bike is merely a physical endeavor you turn the pedals with your feet and steer with your hands – There is no art in it.
Well consider this, playing a musical instrument is just a physical endeavor as well. You press the piano key, fret the note on a guitar, strike a drum. It is the same for the painter and the sculptor even the writer expresses himself through a physical act.

That’s it you say. It is the expression of oneself that makes true art where is the expression in riding a bike.

To which I say there is no truer expression of oneself than when riding a bike. The artistic rider is one with their bike, the trail and everything around them. Where others see a fallen tree or other obstacle the artistic rider sees an interesting line to continue the flow of the experience.
The art happens in the moment and like a great concert you need to be there to experience the full effect, recordings just wont do the moment justice.

Well what about suffering? The true artist suffers for his craft working tirelessly to create something worthwhile.
Ha I say when was the last time a musician went to ER playing the wrong note – (There is a joke in there somewhere).
The stakes for making an error are definitely greater for rider who is pushing the boundaries of what they or others have done before.
A cyclist definitely knows their share of suffering as evidenced by their scars and trips to the ER.
However It rarely feels like work even when tirelessly trying to refine an aspect of our riding. We do it for the pure enjoyment. Riding is our passion. The suffering is in not being able to do it.


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