West Milford Pump Track

West Milford Pump Track

Rideyourbike.us payed a visit to The West Milford Pump Track this weekend.
What’s a pump track you might ask. Well it is a series of tightly linked rollers and berms.

The origins of the pump track are rooted in the BMX tracks of the late‘70s and ‘80s. The first pump tracks appeared in Fox’s Chainsmoke in 1996.

Pump tracks get their name from the method of pumping the terrain for momentum. A skilled rider can get up to speeds of 20 mph without pedaling. But don’t be mislead, pump tracks provide a serious full body workout while developing bike handling skills.
Pump tracks build confidence, strength, and lightning fast bike handling skills.
Intimidated by the Pump Track? Don’t be pumping is simple. Just follow these two rules from Lee McCormack (author of Welcome to Pump Track Nation)
1) absorb any surface that faces the way you’re coming from,.
2) Push into any surface that faces the way you want to go. Part of this push gets translated into forward motion and, voila, you gain speed.

During our visit to the West Milford Pump Track there were quite a few riders of all ages. Among them Matt, and Timmy who were there with Mom Aileen and friend Chris.
They were there for about three hours working on trying to clear a tabletop and keeping speed through the entire track.
I spoke with Aileen who was enthusiastic about the track stating “that the town needed something like this”.
There were other parents sitting on the bleachers watching their kids and more then a little tempted to give the Pump Track a try.

I am sure the Pump Track will be a way for families to enjoy cycling together. I brought my 8 year old daughter, by the end of the day her confidence was improved and she was riding most of the track.

The New Milford Pump Track is located at the end of Farrell Recreation Field, 30 Lycosky Drive off Marshall Hill Road.

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  1. Michael says:

    While the pumptrack has been open for a while already today was the official Grand Opening. Families, Kids, and adults came out in numbers to show support for the pumptrack while having more fun than A cat a fish factory. (Thanks Geico)

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