Yakima Hold Up 2 Bike Rack


The Yakima Hold-Up 2 trailer hitch bike rack utilizes Yakima’s “Strong-arm” design to secure bike at the wheels preventing any damage to bike frame.
There are two models one that fits a 1.25″ hitch and one that fits a 2″ hitch. The 2 inch model can be expanded with the HoldUp +2 Bike Rack Add-On Extension (sold separately-$329)
to hold a total of four bikes and is rated for 240 lbs. (120+120)

We tested the 1.25″ and even with the smaller receiver size the rack was quite stable even when carrying two mountain bikes this is achieved in part by the use of Yakima’s stability pin which helps prevent the rack from shimmying .


When folded the Hold-up 2 has a small footprint keeping the rack within the bounds of the cars width

The Hold-up 2 has a small footprint

The rack is attractive,  painted in high gloss black with reflective red Yakima logo decals. When not in use it folds into a compact size that does not extend past the width of the car.
The only issue with the rack when folded is that it hides your license plate and limits the use of  a backup camera.

The rack comes with integrated cable locks so if you need to run an errand or stop for a bite to eat your bikes will be more secure.



Rack Dropped to enable opening of the Hatchback door

Rack Dropped to enable opening of the Hatchback door

Other nice features are the built in bottle opener and tilt down capability which allows a hatch back lift to open when bikes are loaded.

The Hold-Up 2 allows for side-to-side adjust-ability to set the space between bikes but I was unable to fit 2 mountain bikes without the handlebars bumping the seat on the other.

The Yakima Hold-Up 2 fits most bikes we tested 20″, 26″, 29″ and 700 c  wheels. All the bikes tested were held securely.

Installation of the rack is pretty simple and took about 20-30 minutes all tools required to install the rack are included.

Yakima also has an online video to walk you through the installation process which I recommend watching.

The Hold-Up 2 lists for $449.00 and while the price tag is a bit steep it is in line with other premium racks like the Thule T2.

Bottom Line: Good Looking, Easy to install, Easy to load and unload bikes, Keeps bikes safe and secure but be ready to layout some cash.  

Note: The “stability pin is secured to the rack by a cable leash however the leash is held on by a plastic tab which will fall out so add a zip tie or use
small nut and bolt to ensure that you don’t loose the stability pin .
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